Method to the madness

“Why are there no tests?” This question is often answered with “We do not have enough time to write tests, we have very tight deadlines”. Whatever the crowd is at a hospital, it will lose its business if it decides to skip hygiene practices. You don’t see them reusing needles & syringes or not discarding […]

The last match stick

During the Deepavali festival celebrations, I will step out of the house early in the morning with a big bag of crackers, incense sticks, candles & match box; and won’t return home until I have exhausted all the crackers and lit a bonfire at the end of the day. If I come back home when […]

Rolling up

Cumulative and compounding effects are poorly perceived by us, so is our understanding of micro behaviours (not to be confused with micro-optmisation) that have impact on large outcomes. I read the following story in the book ‘You can win’ by Shiv Khera which had many short stories that stay in mind for a long time. […]


You must eat to live, not live to eat – A famous line attributed to socrates If you want to make a big impact during a talk at a conference and you want that to be remembered by people, then choose to have a chiasmus. It is said that every presidential candidate of USA goes […]

Coming of age

20 years ago I walked into my college with the arrogance of a teenager who knows a lot of things, with the thinking that know-how of knowledge and intelligence is enough to win anything thrown at me. Looking back I realise that I had barely memories of about 10-12 years but had the attitude of […]