Learning disability

While watching the world cup cricket match between South Africa and West Indies, I checked the history of cricket in West Indies. I was impressed with the side’s virtual invincibility in the 70’s and 80’s. There were so many greats and top achievers and at a point of time many records were being held by […]

Firemen theory

Mark Glouston in his book “Just listen” says Every one has an invisble tag around their neck which says Make me feel that I am an important person That quote made me recollect my experience at the work place and ended up coming with a theory to explain the behavior which I named as firemen […]

Whistle blowers

Before you begin reading ¬†you must watch the short 45 second clip. This video towards the end shows a hesitant thief mustering the courage to pick a pocket. On hearing the kid snap his finger he is disturbed and out of fear drops his idea and walks away, hence a crime has been prevented from […]

The elephant and the pot

Whenever I met someone new and talked about business analysis, requirement gatherings or happy customer; I used to narrate the following story from Tales of Tenali Raman which I read in my school days. The story has many variations but the crux is the same. It is about the king who promises to Tenali Raman […]

Don’t make me think

Hamcrest matchers provided a good way of expressing the assertion in the tests. Combined with the method name and the way you write your assertion it becomes expressive. Bringing it into the middle of development phase when all the other tests have been written using regular assertions was not so desired. So restricted that to […]