Social responsibility

I never expected watching the movie ‘Spiderman’ would give me an insight about social responsibility. In the movie, Spiderman goes on to wrestle a strong opponent for a promised prize money of 3k$. When he finishes, he is cheated by the cashier and given only 100$ citing some lame reason. As he walks out of […]

Spaghetti, Pasta or Sandwich

Between Spaghetti, Pasta and Sandwich which one would you choose if you are writing and maintaining code, how it should be like? Definitely not the spaghetti right? I have come across ¬†spaghetti code and detest it to the core.; but I have also observed that wrong understanding of OO or ¬†TOO (too much object orientation) […]

In pursuit of happiness

Clayton M Christensen’s writing on ‘How will you measure your life?’ made me have a re-look at my priorities. In the year 2010 I had been doing so much that I had never been so busy, stressed and tired ,eventually fell too sick. Yet when I recollect that year, nothing good stands out barring a […]