Midway theory

I like the train journeys more than any other form of transport. Lots of thoughts come to my mind only when I travel in the train. You are pretty relaxed observing the scenery outside incase you are travelling through the suburbs or country side. Watching sunrises and sunsets from the train is not an everyday […]

Productivity & Progress

I often come across the illusion that a productive day for a developer is to churn out as much code as possible. This illusion creates anĀ  expectation to keep coding for the whole day and cut short time to design, reflect or retrospect. Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building […]

It is dark when I go home

It is dark when I go home When I started my career, my typical work day started by 8 am and ended by 5. Lots of sunlight both during the morning and evening commute (My dad and his friends had such a lifestyle for 30 years). During my school and college days there were not […]