Every muscle in the body is able to communicate back to us about what its state is. It is easy to figure out where our hands are placed, it is called proprioception. Every one who has been through personal training would be very familiar with this word. It is one of the key factors in […]

Wild Wild West

Whenever I travel to the western countries from India, the one thing that amazes is the standard and quality of living of the people. America with its abundant natural resources and advanced technology provides its people with great creature comforts with nominal price. Cities like London have very well connected and reliable public transport system […]


I read somewhere that your spending pattern varies according to the denomination of currency you have. If you are out shopping and have 500 rupees as a single note then the first buy is delayed as long as possible but the entire amount gets spent soon; if you have 500 rupees as five 100 rupee […]