In most of the work places, interviews are the entry barrier to become a part of an organization. The general tendency of anyone to approach an interview is to do it like an examination. An evening or two of preparation especially if it is a technical job and some search on the net for answering […]

Early adopters

Lots of success stories show us that the early adopters of new techniques and methods are able to stay ahead of the competition and the rest plays a catch up game. There are many companies and individuals today who consistently assess, try and adopt new technologies. There is also a significant effort involved to be […]

Estimation economy

If numbers come into play then quantification is implicit. Most of the projects I begin, I start estimating use cases in “High, Medium, Low” or “Small, Medium, Large”. Before the development starts we need to know how long something is going to take, hence we estimate. When we arrive at an estimate and put a […]


For a long time I have been under the impression that bringing home a salary at the end of the month is what I can get out of a job. It is also customary to express money earned per year as compensation. It was not until one of my friends in HR explained to me […]