Kepler’s perseverance

Carl Sagan’s book Cosmos explains a bit about how some people in the 15 & 1600s have spent a good deal of time trying to find out the truths about Earth’s position in the cosmos. Kepler is one of them who have contributed significantly to our current understanding with help of years of observation about […]

Lombok & LambdaJ

Working with Java has been almost inevitable for me. Many clients who have their projects written in Java and in the near future not going in for any rewrite will stick with them. Several Java frameworks and libraries have made heavy lifting simple and made software development more predictable and easy to code. Some frameworks […]

Numbers and Metrics, what do they do?

In the movie Soldier, the soldiers are humans selected at birth and conditioned to obey orders and win battles. The antagonist comes up with genetically engineered super soldiers who are better in every single metric like long runs, fast climbs, weight lifting and many more. As a final test the protagonist is put up for a […]