Hara Hachi Bu

Most of the times when it comes to a mid-week party I observe that some of my peers follow work hard and party harder style and end up skipping the first session of work the next day or not turn up at all. Indulgence is a key part in everyone’s life, it gives a sense […]

As a team member…

Malcolm Gladwell mentions an example in his book “The Tipping Point” that when the number of people who can act in the scene increases then the number of people who will act will decrease considerably. My observation on this has been very similar when working with project teams, I guess that is almost everyone’s observation […]

Preparation, Presentation and Admiration

While playing cricket, it takes some time to get settled into the rhythm of the game and play well as a batsman. One thing I noticed while playing ┬áis, as long as I concentrate on my game I continue playing well. The moment I admire my own shot or think that I did better than […]