Learning to code clean helped me to cook better

I have heard from my fellow programmers about cooking, the more they are able to handle abstract problems at work, the better they are at cooking. Cooking here in the context is not just about making a tasty dish, but cooking a meal that is tasty, healthy in the long run and maintaining the kitchen […]

A good night means a good day

I never consciously thought about sleep until I started working. During the days I was growing up, I had never felt sleep deprived ever. I also slept early, well into the mornings and there were too less of distractions to keep me out of bed. Things started to change as screen time started to conquer […]

Cost & Quality

Someone I met last year mentioned that the reason the 737Max planes went down was because it was coded by developers from a country where there was no aviation engineering experience. This person also went on to say “What else can you expect from people who are paid less than 9$ an hour wage”. What […]