You must eat to live, not live to eat – A famous line attributed to socrates If you want to make a big impact during a talk at a conference and you want that to be remembered by people, then choose to have a chiasmus. It is said that every presidential candidate of USA goes […]

Preparation, Presentation and Admiration

While playing cricket, it takes some time to get settled into the rhythm of the game and play well as a batsman. One thing I noticed while playing ┬áis, as long as I concentrate on my game I continue playing well. The moment I admire my own shot or think that I did better than […]

Bret Victor’s talk | Inventing on principle

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle from CUSEC on Vimeo. I got a forward from one of my peers a month ago. Even though the video is just an hour long I was putting this away for a weekend. After watching this video I realized that I made a mistake of putting this away for […]

Observations of a conference

I was reading Presentation Zen last week which coincided with a conference invite for the weekend. The conference exposed lots of different styles of presenters and the memories of the book still fresh in mind, I made few observations. I observed that the most common one was the bulleted list presentations. Since this was a […]