What do you know about your advertiser?

Recently even the paid media I have been using were having ads. It seems there is no running away from this; data collection/targeting is going to be the norm. It is quite annoying because in one of the sites I had my phone number for 2 factor authentication, another site had my contact number to […]

A good night means a good day

I never consciously thought about sleep until I started working. During the days I was growing up, I had never felt sleep deprived ever. I also slept early, well into the mornings and there were too less of distractions to keep me out of bed. Things started to change as screen time started to conquer […]

Cost & Quality

Someone I met last year mentioned that the reason the 737Max planes went down was because it was coded by developers from a country where there was no aviation engineering experience. This person also went on to say “What else can you expect from people who are paid less than 9$ an hour wage”. What […]